Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time Warp Wednesday: The Captain from Kasey Chambers

The Captain is Australian alt-country singer Kasey Chambers first solo album, released in 1999. She spent her earlier career playing with the Dead Ringer Band, made up of her family. While she's still not very well known in the US, it is an understatement to say she is popular in Australia. She’s huge there. She has won multiple Aria Awards for her work. The Arias are like the Australian version of the Grammy Awards, but with better taste.

In addition to this being such a great record, I feel connected to it because I listened to The Captain a great deal when my wife an I were struggling to have our first child. (I talked more about that here.) So when she sings, "And even my weakness says we're gonna be just fine," in "Mr. Baylis," I knew just what she meant.

You can listen to six tracks from the record below.

The Captain

And a recent re-working of the title track with her husband, Shane Nicholson.


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