Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Because I'm still in love with you / On this harvest moon

My wife and I like different music. While I love, for instance, The National, she can’t stand them. Sometimes this can be a bit of a drag—such as when you really want to share your enthusiasm for a band or album that is really meaningful to you at a particular time.

We certainly have our musical touch points. The Sundays’ record Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic was one of the first. We both owned it on cassette when we met. And their subsequent album, Blind, with its stunningly beautiful cover of “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones was another.

There are others also. We both love “Redemption Song;” Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” was our wedding song. She really likes London Calling, which is great as I am a huge Clash fan.

A great thing about having differing tastes in music is that she has hipped me to bands and sounds that I would not have naturally checked out on my own. And she has great taste in music. Much of the excellent world music, Soul, R&B, and rap in our collection is due to her influence. For instance, I likely would not have purchased MIA. But she did, and I am a better music fan for it. I mean, how can you not deeply love a woman that brings Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On and Stevie Wonder’s Songs In the Key of Life into the relationship. Thanks for the great sounds, Love.


Danielle said...

Oh, now that was very sweet! And you brought the Ben Harper and more Jazz than I knew what to do with. With unlimited funds, what a music collection we would have!

Dynamic Meter said...

And lots of wine, and a 160 GB iPod to use to listen to music as we travel the world with the kiddies.

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