Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Drive By Truckers, Well, Keep On Truckin’

I know that the new Drive By Truckers record came out in January, but hey, it is hard to keep up with all the new music out there. That said, what does a band do when one of its primary songwriters/vocalists/guitarists not only leaves the band but divorces a member as well? Well, they keep on truckin’ and regroup by sharing the songwriting and vocal duties. And for the most part, this has been a successful approach on their new album, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark. Some of the songs on the album are truly great. For example the album’s opener, “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife,” is a very beautiful tune. The only major misstep for me is the song, ”Bob.” It just seems too kitschy and doesn’t fit in with the rest of Brighter Than Creation’s Dark's themes of love, death, and God. So for the most part the new Drive BY Truckers record is a strong new album amid a lot of change. And it certainly makes me look forward to the next one.


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