Monday, March 24, 2008

Review: Kristeen Young--The Orphans

Kristeen Young is a NYC-based independent musician who has self-released five albums by her piano/keyboard and drum duo, KRISTEENYOUNG. The pair is made up of singer, writer, pianist/keyboardist, Kristeen Young and drummer "Baby" Jeff White.

I just got a hold of their disc, The Orphans. This is one of those albums that grabs you right away. There is a definite unique sonic quality to The Orphans that immediately connected me to the music. You can definitely hear the influence of PJ Harvey. Also, it is certainly hard for anyone playing [insert instrument here] and drum duo music, not to be compared to the White Stripes. However, there isn’t anything derivative sounding about them. Like other great bands, they have taken in their influences and released something that is wholly their own sound.

Others who have dug the band’s sound include David Bowie who sang on their first record, BREASTICLES, and Morrissey and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, who they opened for.


Danielle said...

Nice template change! Can't stand what I've heard of the KristeenYoung cd. Too bad, though, since I do like PJ Harvey. Maybe it would be good coop-cleaning music?

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