Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time Warp Wednesday: A History of Oh Death

So here's a little twist on Time Warp Wednesday courtesy of The Horse Flies. In my review of their recent album I talked about them covering Ralph Stanley's version of "Oh Death" from The Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. Well it turns out I was little off on my knowlege of "Oh Death." But thanks to The Horse Flies, now I know. Here's what they emailed me.

"Tx so much. Looks great. Much appreciated. A little background ... we first recorded O Death in 1983 ... made 300 copies of a 45 ... so for us this was a return to that (a cover of ourselves! :--) ) rather than a cover of the version on O Brother. A band called the Thirteenth Floor Elevators recorded it before us. Camper Van Beethoven recorded it after us. Both of those pre-date O Brother. But I believe we all (including Ralph Stanley) got it from the same source: Doc Boggs, who I believe wrote it and recorded it around the late '20s. It's true title is 'Conversation with Death.'"

Ralph Stanley's Version:

Camper Van Beethoven's Version:

A version by The Horseflies found on the 1994 record, The Young Fogies, can be streamed here.


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