Sunday, June 15, 2008

VH1 Classics: The Good, The Bad, and the Speedo

So I flew to San Diego today for business. During the long flight from NY to CA, I mostly listened to my iPod. But since I was flying Jet Blue, I had access to DirecTV during the flight. I set the TV to VH1 Classics and watched videos to my own sound track. In my totally unscientific survey I have made a little chart comparing the good to the bad. It’s totally subjective, of course. If you like some of my bads, I apologize.


Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo
Never Say Never by Romeo Void
When the Doves Cry by Prince

The Bad

Rod Stewart in Tight Pants in the Video for Infatuation
Those 80s Colors
Blazers with T-Shirts
Cher in a thong outfit thing with her tattooed a**
While Snake and a woman writhing around on a car
And the ultimate BAD: Rick James in a Speedo (Yikes!)


Rebecca said...

It's so sad how the bad outweighs the good.How did I end up with so many fond memories of the 80's?

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