Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time Warp Wednesday: What’s Your Favorite Color?

Living Color. With the opening guitar in “Cult of Personality,” Living Color burst into the national spotlight when Vivid was released in 1988. The record went to number 6 on the Billboard 200. What a great album. Vernon Reid, a founder of the Black Rock Coalition and one totally amazing guitar player, founded the band in 1983. Corey Glover was the great vocalist. Doug Wimbish on Bass and Will Calhoun on drums were the rhythm section powerful enough to work with Reid’s fireworks. They fused many genres: metal, funk, jazz, and punk. Perhaps they smashed them together, making them into more than the parts? Living Color went on to release Time’s Up in 1990 and Stain in 1993, before splitting while working on their fourth album. Fortunately, Living Color reunited in 2000, releasing Collideøscope in 2003. The band plans to release a new album later in 2008. Check out some live versions of songs from Vivid below.


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