Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Sun Shine On and On

Here is another entry in my, "That’s Why Headphones Exist” category. I have currently been totally obsessed with Nada Surf’s song, “Are You Lightning” from their new album, Lucky. I listened to it the entire 30-minute bus ride home yesterday. I love the way the lyrics turn the notion of lightning from something negative and destructive into something positive and hopeful or loving. This song is really lovely and the ending line, “The sun shine on and on,” reminds me of looking at my wife while she is out gardening and carefree—looking so beautiful.


Danielle said...

Hey you, I read this! Now you're making me blush. Did I look so beautiful as the "crazy chicken lady?"

Rebecca said...

I shall go listen to it now.

I still believe that headphones exist so I don't have to listen to the Latin & Asian Pop that my step-children play incessantly.

Dynamic Meter said...

Yes, back in 2001 we had two foster girls living with us (sisters ages 5 and 6) and they were way into Destiny's Child. Wonderful girls. Terrible music.

Danielle said...

Finally listened, and it's not quite my thing, but does grow on you.

At least the girls were also really into india.arie

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