Monday, April 28, 2008

My New 3G iPod Nano

Well, on Saturday I bought my new 8GB iPod 3G Nano. It is not quite the same as attending Coachella, but what's a guy to do. I saved up money from my articles in the Tompkins Weekly. And man, what a cool new iPod this is. It's the replacement for my 4GB 1G Nano that I have had for several years. In planning this purchase I really had trouble for a while deciding whether or not to spend a bit more for the 80GB Ipod Classic. It has huge storage for sure, but I wasn't convinced by having a hard drive based iPod. The Nano's flash drive is faster and less susceptible to bumps. Also, the Nano is so cool looking and small. I really love the new design. As far as capacity goes, I felt like I could utilize playlists in iTunes to manage all of my music. I have in fact been doing this for a while with my old iPod, so it is pretty natural to me now.

The other major item to think about was the color. Wow, so many choices: green, blue, pink, red, silver, and black. What to do? It was my wife who really helped me decide. (And I must interject that ever since I insisted that the color we were painting our living room ceiling was going to be this great red—and it came out as bordello pink—I have relied on her for color advice. Needless to say we repainted the ceiling and I am now officially banned from choosing paint colors.) This is why I went with the black—simple and timeless.


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