Saturday, January 5, 2008

Call Me MC Ishmael

Call me MC Ishmael. Actually, you should call me MC Ahab, but the line seemed too good to pass up. Anyway, I must confess that I am obsessed. My obsession with music is pretty obvious. Why else would I write Dynamic Meter? But I'm talking about a specific music obsession.

The obsession I'm writing about here is with World Café’s Top 5 List. I have submitted numerous lists. And I wait for the call or the email—that fateful contact that would tell me that my humble submissions would be used on the air.

But I've never heard back and every Friday I listen to the show to hear the list that is chosen. And the songs and the lists are generally great. But what about me? I’m a hip guy with wide-ranging musical tastes. Or so I think, at least.

Of course rationally I tell myself that a lot of people submit lists. After all, there can only be 52 lists chosen in a given year. But this isn’t rational. This is a mission. So World Café, if you’re reading (well I am thrilled your reading), but help me out. Boost my self esteem. Pick one of my lists.


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