Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Call Me MC Ishmael: The Sequel

After posting my “Call Me MC Ishmael” entry, I didn’t really think anyone from World Cafe would see it, but I was wrong. The day after the post, I received an email from David Dye, who hosts the show, with the subject line, “Ask and ye shall receive!”

I was very surprised, first off, that they saw the post. And secondly, here I was being asked for a Top 5 List. I was pretty excited, but also pretty nervous about having a good list. I had submitted a lot of times and had a backlog of lists, so I went for it. David Dye asked for a couple to choose from.

He selected my Harmony Vocals List. These are songs that wouldn’t be nearly as good without the harmony vocals in them. Some of these have well-known musicians singing the harmony vocals (and are noted below), while the rest have great voices, although not famous ones.

Yesterday I got a call from David Dye and recorded a one-minute intro to the list. This was fun. I hope you like the list! My top five list will be broadcast on Friday January 18. Please visit the World Café website to find your local station. You can also tune in at WXPN from 2-4 PM EST.

Call the Doctor—Sleater-Kinney Listen Here
Hard Sun—Eddie Vedder with Corinne Tucker Listen Here
Green Gloves—The National Listen Here
Province—TV On the Radio with David Bowie Listen Here
Guided By Wire—Neko Case Listen Here


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